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We are very excited about our new website and any ideas and comments about it will be warmly received. Use our contact form if you like.

We should be live by the early October and this is where any news updates and such will be posted to keep the site fresh and current.

Our new site was designed for us by Elton over at Wide Sign Design & Development.

This is a useful tool for search engine optimization and keeping your website fresh. Writing useful information and news (advice on when its best to trim your trees for example) will keep search engines like Google crawling your site and ranking it higher & correctly.

The more useful text information you have on your site will increase your search engine rankings as well as using keywords in your text like for example: trees, trunk, surgeon, clearance, fencing, arboricultural, environment.

You can edit this new item and add others by logging in at bottom of the site and going to POSTS in the left navigation menu.