All of our operatives are fully trained and due to our ongoing commitment to our staff we consistently aim to upgrade their training.

All employees carry relevant certificates.

  • (National Proficiency Test Council, certificates of competence in the use of chainsaws)
  • Certificates in first aid
  • Certificates in aerial rescue
  • And we have our own LOLER (Lifting Operations & Lifting Equipment Regulations) assessor

Steve Watts.

Steve is the spear head of the company, the man keeping it all together and he runs a tight ship. He is the first one at the yard in the mornings and the last one to go home at night, you probably won’t catch him in the office though as he’s more likely to be racing across the countryside giving quotes, meeting with new or existing customers and can often be found on site making sure a job is running smoothly. A family man with three vivacious daughters, Steve manages to make a very hectic schedule look effortless.

Nicky Watts.


Nicky is the arboricultural expert. As tree care is an ever evolving science Nicky combines decades of experience with current knowledge on pests and diseases and information on up to date pruning techniques. Amongst his many qualifications Nicky holds the Lantra Professional Tree Inspector’s Certificate. He is also well informed in all the other aspects of the tree industry such as our machinery (trialling new products for leading manufacturer Husqvarna), kit regulations (Nicky is a qualified LOLER inspector), Health and Safety laws, First Aid at Work and the many challenges tree work presents on site such as traffic laws, TPOs, wildlife and other considerations.


Andrea Nias.

Should you phone our office it is likely that Andrea will be the one taking your call, she is friendly and helpful, willing to answer any questions that you may have. With experience of running our desks since 2005 she is capable of juggling the phone calls, answer phone messages, e-mails, booking in quotes, organising work schedules, keeping the team qualifications up to date and the many other strains of a busy company.

Nicky Foster ‘Squirrel’.


Nicky is our newest arborist having joined our team in 2015 with a quiet, friendly demeanour he settled in quickly and has become a valuable member of the workforce. Nicky began climbing in 2004 and took his qualifications at Capel Manor College, he has worked for several other tree firms but hadn’t found another company with such a comprehensive variety of resources both in terms of kit and arboricultural knowledge. We appreciate being able to add another highly skilled and efficient climber to that pool of resource.

Sam Jago.


Sam started training with us in 2011 at the tender age of 16. He proved to be hardworking and driven. He attended Merrist Wood College for two years to achieve his Lv3 Extended Diploma in Arboriculture and has been a professional member of staff since finishing there in 2013. A proficient climber with a love of dogs and football (particularly Chelsea), he works safely and efficiently within the canopy whether it be artistically shaping a crown, lowering large timber or inspecting for poor health and damage.

Ryan Snowden.


Ryan originally applied to work here at the beginning of 2014 but was turned away for being under qualified, showing characteristic tenacity and initiative he promptly enrolled in Easton College, Norwich and achieved a National Diploma in Arboriculture. Having applied again at the end of the year he was offered a full time position. Ryan intends to improve his climbing abilities with us as well as increasing his knowledge about the science of arboriculture with a particular interest in pests and diseases.

Matthew Turner ‘Mat’.


Mr Turner is our longest serving staff member; having joined the team way back in 2002 he is resourceful with an attention to detail. Whilst on a tree crew Mat modestly blends into the background with the dragging and chipping but when a team needs to be sent out to complete a fencing task Mat comes into his own, meticulous and capable he is more than up to the added challenge of directing a bemused arborist through the process of erecting fencing. Often sent out for long, thankless days with only the stump grinder for company Mat still manages to finish the day with a smile.

Justin Winslade.

Justin’s family have been in the business of forestry for generations, he was 13 when he picked up his first chainsaw. Despite studying sports turf science at the Berkshire College of Agriculture for four years before taking a job at a local golf course, it wasn’t long before Justin found himself in the tree industry instead. Working at larger arboriculture companies within the area Justin became proficient at many aspects of tree surgery; he trained as he went, achieving qualifications in the use of winches, mewps, dealing with windblown trees and storm damage on top of the other more standard qualifications for tree work. He joined our team in 2009 and since having a serious motor bike accident is less likely to be found in the canopy but has instead set the gold standard for ground work. Hardworking and resourceful, there is nothing Justin isn’t capable of.

Martin Winslade.

Martin joined the RAF age 19 and served for 12 years. With a distinguished military career behind him he left the air force in 2012 and came to work here beside his brother Justin. Having a family history steeped in forestry it was only natural for Martin to return to trees eventually and as an aircraft engineer he possessed an excellent set of transferrable skills such as the use of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), adhering to Health and Safety standards and safe working practices, operating of heavy machinery, amongst many others, which means that he is efficient and capable of everything from chipper maintenance to customer service. With a vast intellect and quick wit, he has proved to be a valuable member of our team and we are continuing to extend his education in tree care.