We view our responsibility to the environment very seriously and as such have implemented various methods of work to incorporate a conscientious and constructive green work ethic. This is employed in how we dispose of waste products and the materials used in the running of our machinery.

We view our responsibility to the environment very seriously

Part of our role is to minimise the effect that we have on our eco system and subsequently curtail our demands on the air, land, water, soil and vegetation. Trees play major roles within our environment, not only do they help in regulating our climate; they are also home to and support thousands of different wildlife species.

Prior to executing any works, trees are visually checked for the presence of bat roosts and nesting birds.

Unless tree debris is left on site as a natural habitat for wildlife we take it away and it is recycled and re-utilised either as woodchip for the local power station, as mulch for a clients garden or converted into logwood.

Trees are living organisms; they are subject to unpredictability as a result of disease, physical damage, weather and ageing. Our trees should be cared for on a regular basis.